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So, we’ve put together this handy, mobile App user guide for Inside St Helena, to enhance the user experience. Hopefully you’ve downloaded the Inside St Helena App from the Google Play Store and finding it straightforward to use. However, just in case you’re a newbie to downloading Apps or have a question about a certain feature, this post is for you.


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Tips list for easy reference:

  • Installing The App from Google Play
  • Navigating The Home Screen
  • The Menu
  • Categories & Filters
  • Pre-Loading The App Pages
  • Keeping the App Content Updated
  • Latest App Updates
  • Bookmarking Favourites
  • Making Phone Calls
  • Adding Comments

Let’s start from the beginning, especially for those claiming not to be tech savvy – yes, you John!


Installing The App from Google Play

Find Inside St Helena on Google Play


Installing the App is easy, for Android devices simply go to the Google Play Store, (App Store coming soon) type ‘Inside St Helena’ in the search box, select our yellow tortoise icon and click to download.  Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation on your device.


Navigating The Home Menu

Navigating the Home Menu on Inside St Helena

Once you’ve launched the App the Home Menu appears with a list of Categories:

  • Things to Do
  • Getting Around
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Diary of Events
  • Where To Stay
  • Services
  • Adverts
  • Useful Information
  • Latest App Updates
  • Fun Stuff
  • About This App

Scroll down to see the full list.


Fly-Out Menu

Fly-Out Home Menu on Inside St Helena

The optional Fly-Out Menu is accessed on the top left (3 lines) of the Home Screen, you can use this to navigate the content and change settings.  Alternatively swipe the screen from the left to pull out this Menu.


Categories & Filters

Using the Category 'Filter' on Inside St Helena.

Once you’ve selected a Category eg. BARS & RESTAURANTS, you will land on that Category’s Page displaying a list of all the food and drink services registered on the Inside St Helena App.

At the top is a horizontal scroll bar, with a list of Filters; ALL, Bars/Pubs, Restaurant, Café, Takeaway, Catering.  Click each one to Filter the ALL Category list, to show which establishments provide the different services.

This feature makes it faster for the user to find what they might be looking for.

Most Categories have additional Filter options to refine the information.


Pre-Load The App Pages

Once a Profile Page is opened fully, it can be recalled later when the App is offline.

Inside St Helena is designed to be simple and easy to use and to be used offline.  Especially useful when an internet connection or data might not be available.  But first you have to pre-load the Pages.

Before using offline, pre-load any Pages you would like to access later.  Do this by opening a Page until the picture becomes visible, this loads that particular Page into the device memory allowing it to then be viewed at any time later when there is no data connection.


The pictures are displayed with a tinted filter, tap on the picture to open in full screen and to see it without the tint.


Keeping the App Content Updated

We are updating and adding new content all the time.  If you load Pages into the App to view offline later, this content will stay the same as at the time of loading.  You will need to go online (connect the App to the internet) for the latest Page updates.

To check if a Page on the App has been updated, connect your device to the internet first, then open the App and navigate to the Page in question.  After a second or two the Page should refresh with the latest information.

If you are using your device in a country where data access is on all the time, the App will always load the latest Page information when in use.  Lucky you!


Check Quickly For Latest App Updates

When using the App, check regularly in this section to see what Pages have been added or updated recently.  Click on the relevant Link(s) listed to manually force the updates.


Bookmarking Favourites

Touch the Star icon on the top right corner of the screen to bookmark and save a page to your Favourites folder.  When you click on the Star it turns a darker shade of green. Un-check the star to undo.  You can access the My Favourites folder from the Fly-Out Main Menu.


Making Phone Calls

Press the Phone buttons to begin the process of dialling out from your device.  If you are overseas, you might need to add the international direct dialling code for St Helena: + 290.

If you are making a call on St Helena, you will need to have a SURE (local) SIM card installed.  SIM cards are available at the Rose & Crown Airport Shop, Chad’s Shop, The Hive and the SURE Customer Care Centre.


Adding Comments

The Inside St Helena App is also interactive with the use of a Comments feature, shown as a speech bubble on most Pages.  To make a comment tap the Comment icon, then click the pen icon on the bottom right, enter your information and click SEND.

Please be fair and courteous with your feedback.


Feedback Form

Inside St Helena is the first App we’ve made, and we would be interested to know what you think about it as a user.  We would especially like to hear what you feel could be added or changed for a better user experience.  The Feedback Form can be found from the Main Menu, in ‘About The App.’


Look On The App

We hope you enjoy using the Inside St Helena App.  It is intended to be a useful tool, whether you’re planning a first time visit or if you live here.  Whatever it is you need to know, simply download and ‘look on the App.’

We welcome comments, feedback and your recommendation to friends.  As they say sharing is caring.


Mobile App User Guide For Inside St Helena In Pictures

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